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Christmas Sale is here. Become a Chess Santa!

by Sagar Shah - 25/12/2017

Wishing all our readers a merry Christmas. Christmas is an occasion to celebrate with your family and friends! For many the 32 pieces on the chequered board are nothing short of family! With the new year 2018 about to begin, it is the perfect period for you to reload your arsenal with some new chess material. ChessBase India presents you the Christmas Sale from 25th to 27th of December 2017. We have upto 25% sale in the ChessBase India shop. We also give you the opportunity to gift a ChessBase product to your loved one with a personalized greeting card.

ChessBase India Christmas Sale has begun at the ChessBase India online shop. This is how the sale works:

If you buy products worth Rs.1 to 1000 you get 10% off

If you buy products worth Rs.1001 to 5000 you get 15% off

If you buy products worth Rs.5001 to 10000 you get 20% off

If you buy products worth Rs.10000 and above you get 25% off


The discount is in built into the system. So you do not need to enter any discount code. As soon as you add the products to your bag, the appropriate discount will be added to your final amount.

Become a Chess Santa!

Here's your opportunity to help someone you care, take their game to the next level! Become a Chess Santa this Christmas.

This Christmas become someone's Chess Santa!

Now let's imagine that I would like to become a Chess Santa and gift Praggnanandhaa a ChessBase product. My reason is simple - I want him to become world's youngest GM. So these are the steps:

Go to ChessBase India online shop:

In the search bar enter the name of the product - in my case it is the correspondence database 2018.

As soon as the name is written in the search bar, the product is displayed:

Once you have decided the product press the "buy now" button!

You will see that the cost of your product is instantly reduced. In this case it is between the bracket of 5,000 and 10,000 and hence I get Rs.1200 discount.

When I press the button checkout I am taken to the next page where I must input the payment type:

Choose your preferred mode of payment

In the additional comments tab I will write the message that I would like to send Praggnanandhaa. Very important is to ensure that I am signed out and I enter the email address of the person to whom I want to gift the product - in this case it is Praggnanandhaa's email id. I will then enter my billing address and make the payment.


Praggnanandhaa will receive correspondence database 2018 on his email address with the setup file and serial key. And additionally we will also send him the card with your message. It would look something like this:

You can also send a Christmas card to yourself! :) A good motivation message to make yourself work harder on the board!  

New products in the ChessBase India shop:

Here are some of the new products in the ChessBase India shop:

ChessBase Magazine 181

If you would like to work on all the phases of the game - opening, middlegame and endgame, then CBM 181 is the best for you!

Fritz Powerbook 2018

Get some of the most powerful new opening ideas in the form of an opening tree.

The Sniper by Charlie Storey

The bishop sits on g7 like a sniper and then you break the centre with the move c5. An exciting product by Charlie Storey.

The Beasty Botvinnik Variation in the Semi Slav by Erwin l'Ami

The Botvinnik variation in the semi-slav is one of those openings where you can completely outprepare your opponent. And there is no better teacher than Erwin l'Ami.

Sicilian Dragon Vol.1 by Peter Heine Nielsen

All lines starting with 9.Bc4 in the dragon. This DVD is from Black's side.

Sicilian Dragon Vol.2 by Peter Heine Nielsen

All lines without the move 9.Bc4. This is your chance to be a Dragon Expert and learn from Anand's former second.

Realizing an advantage by Sergei Tiviakov

Winning a winning game is quite difficult in chess. When experienced grandmasters like Tiviakov give you some advice, it is bound to improve your conversion ratio!

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