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ChessBase India Training Camp March 2023 Registration is on

by ChessBase India - 22/02/2023

ChessBase India is now seven years old and during this time we have made every effort to strengthen the Indian chess scene. Your love has become the main strength and our confidence has grown. Today, ChessBase India is getting the support and love of millions of people around the world. We are thankful to you for that. After organizing Deathmatch, various tournaments online and ChessBase India Club, now we are going to start ChessBase India Training Academy. The aim is to train players and make them strong starting from a beginner. This will be one of our contributions to the chess training sector in the country, by providing high quality training. The academy will start from Sunday 5th March in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Along with this, we are organizing a very special training camp in which you can also take part. Read the full article to know the whole process.

ChessBase India Training Academy will start in March

As we mentioned before that ChessBase India Training Academy will be held in Bhopal.

Our aim is to provide world class training to the budding players of our country. We are going to start this with a special training camp which will be organized from 14th to 19th March. We are going to give you special quality training for six consecutive days.

WIM Angela Franco (COL) and FIDE Instructor Niklesh Jain will train the students

Objective - The biggest objective behind organizing this training camp is to give proper guidance to the budding players

1 - This camp will help you to understand your game better.

2 - By spending about eight hours a day in the training, you will develop the habit of working hard. It will also help you to learn the methods of self-training in the future.

3 - Studying high quality courses will help you overcome many obstacles in your game.

4 - At the end of the camp, each player will be given specific advice related to their game through a special personal session by the coaches.

Program - The camp has five days for training and one day for the tournament

The training will go on for about eight hours per day, during which Niklesh and Angela will work closely on the related topic in turn

Each day, the camp will start with meditation and pranayama for half an hour

In the second part, FIDE Instructor Niklesh will train the children on the theory part of the given subject

The third part of the day will have WIM Angela teaching you how to apply a particular topic in a practical game

In the final part of the day, apart from the homework, everyone will be given specific positions/theme to play which they learned earlier on that day

In this way there will be about eight hours of training every day and about 40 hours training in total camp. 

On the last day of the camp, you will get free entry in the Open Rapid Tournament organized in Bhopal where many senior and experienced players will be seen in action

Khelo Chess India one-day Rapid tournament will take place on Sunday 19th March 2023

The second edition of Khelo Chess India Rapid tournament will have a total prize fund of ₹15100

Check out the tournament report and organization of the first-ever Khelo Chess India Rapid tournament last month by clicking here.

All players participating in the camp will be given some special gifts worth ₹2500. A ChessBase India T-Shirt, a ChessBase India Notebook, a King Crown pen, two black ChessBase India pens, one magnet and three months ChessBase Premium subscription and also free entry in the Khelo Chess India Rapid tournament

Some Important Q&A:

Q - How many people can participate?

A - In the first edition of ChessBase India Camp, we have place for only 16 people.


Q - What is the entry fee?

A - The entry fee for participating in the camp is 11000 (including ₹1678 GST).


Q - What is the procedure to join the camp?

A - You will have to fill up the Google form given below and then inform us after making the payment at the link below.

Q - Which languages will be used in the camp?

A - Niklesh (English/Hindi) and Angela (English)


Q - What is the eligibility criteria?

A - Although players rated 1200 to 2000 can apply for this, the curriculum prepared by us will be such that everyone will get equal benefits according to their game. In special circumstances, some unrated players may also be given a place.


Q - Which age group can take part?

A - Players from 6 to 20 years can participate in this.


Q - Will we be given the study notes after the camp?

A - Yes, you will be given notes after each day's class.


Q - Will the venue be air-conditioned?

A - Yes the venue will be air-conditioned.


Q - Will there be clean water and washrooms available at the venue?

A - Yes, both clean water and washrooms will be available at the venue.


Q - Will there be any arrangement for the stay of the participants?

A - No, they will have to arrange it themselves with their parents, we will definitely share the information of some places with you.


Q - How is the weather of Bhopal during the month of March?

A - Most of the time during the month of March, the weather remains between 20 to 35°C.


Q - What will be topics discussed in the camp?

A - Five specific topics will be discussed on five days.


The participants and their guardians will have to make their own arrangements for the stay. However, you can book an AC room for ₹1250 for two persons at Hotel Bonsai, located about 950m from ChessBase India Training Academy, by mentioning the ChessBase India code.


Hotel Bonsai Danish Kunj, Bhopal 

You can get information by WhatsApp on 8959205025 about the hotel

There is a Rozana restaurant at the hotel premises...

... where you can have vegetarian food

About the Trainers 

Women International Master Angela Franco

Women International Master Angela Franco is a 12-time National Champion of Colombia and currently Colombia's number one rapid player

Angela has played seven Chess Olympiads for Colombia

For almost ten years, she has trained children in Colombia, among which many children are big names in the Colombian chess today

Angela has been playing for her country continuously for the last 28 years along with her sister WGM Beatriz

Angela has won the Best Female Player award twice in Category A of India's most prestigious Delhi GM Open

FIDE Instructor Niklesh Jain

FIDE Instructor Niklesh Jain has been continuously working in the field of chess training since 2005

Currently Niklesh is a licensed trainer of FIDE until the year 2025

Niklesh has been a trainer for 11 years continuously from 2006 to 2017 at Syna International School, a famous school in central India

In 2009, Niklesh took eight school children to the World School Chess Championship in Greece

At World Schools Championship 2009, Anshuman Singh won Madhya Pradesh's first medal in chess in any World Championship

Syna School team became Madhya Pradesh State School Champion in 2014

Third in National School 2016 and managed to become National School Champion in 2017 

Niklesh was present as the coach of the Indian team in the World School Championship 2017 where the team won the Silver Medal

Niklesh was one of the three coaches of the team in the 2018 tour of the Indian team to Russia

Direction - Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal 

This one-of-a-kind camp will be conducted under the special guidance of ChessBase CEO Sagar Shah and COO Amruta

How can you participate?

The entry fee for participating in the camp has been fixed at ₹11000 (including GST ₹1678). To participate in the camp, fill the form, pay the fee and then email us at and! Remember that there are only 16 places for the camp, therefore the participation is based on the principle of first come first serve.

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