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ChessBase India's April Training Camp 2024 Concluded

by Niklesh Jain - 12/04/2024
In continuation of the series of ChessBase India Training Camps initiated last year, this year's first training camp was held from April 2nd to April 7th at the ChessBase India Training Academy in Bhopal. For this camp, a total of 8 participants from Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh participated. The camp provided training sessions from morning till evening for the first five days, totaling approximately 40 hours of training for the players. Each day began with focused training divided into three sessions. On the sixth day, as always, a Chess India Rapid Chess Tournament was organized, which saw participation from many talented players from Bhopal and surrounding districts, making it a successful event. The next ChessBase India camp is scheduled for June. So far, ChessBase India has organized a total of four camps. Read this article for more details.

April 2024 ChessBase India Camp Concluded

ChessBase India continued its mission in chess training this year as well, and accordingly, the ChessBase India Training Camp was organized in April. This time, the special feature of the camp was that all the participants were between the ages of 8 and 14. Once again, players from various parts of the country gathered here to participate in the camp.

Participants from Assam, Jagjeet Singh, Anuj Rathi from Gujarat, Rachit Thakkar from Maharashtra, Hari Vardhan Sathish Kumar from Chennai, Medant Jain, Prince Soni, Divyansh Jain, and Divas Jain from Madhya Pradesh participated in the camp.

The camp started every day at 8:45 AM with yoga and meditation sessions, aiming to teach players better control over their breath and emotions before the match. During this time, there were also discussions on the fitness mantra of world champions and top players.

Training was provided on the following topics in the April 2024 camp:

In the first part of the camp, FIDE instructor Niklesh taught children deeply on the subject. Which was about a class of about 4 hours.

After that, experienced Woman International Master Angela Franco from Colombia played a simultaneous match on the subject related to players and then provided suggestions to the players while analyzing.

On the fifth day of the camp, everyone had to take an exam related to all the subjects studied for five days. Anuj Rathi took the exam on the last day of the camp.

Jagjeet Singh from Assam

Hari Vardhan from Chennai

Prince Soni from Madhya Pradesh

Medant Jain from Bhopal

Rachit Thakkar from Mumbai

Divyansh Jain from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Divas Jain from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Chess India Rapid Tournament Played on the sixth day. In the sixth day Chess India Rapid Tournament, the total prize money was kept at Rs. 25,000. The title of Chess Rapid Champion 2022 National Under-10 and Asian Champion Madhavendra Pratap Sharma won.

Jagjeet Singh and Harivardhan made their place in the top ten players of this tournament from the camp,

while Divas Jain and Anuj Rathi won prizes in the age category."

"Stay tuned for the announcement of the upcoming ChessBase India Training Camp scheduled for June! We'll soon reveal the dates along with detailed information about the subjects to be covered. Get ready for another enriching learning experience as we continue our journey of chess training and development. Keep an eye on our official channels for updates!"

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