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ChessBase India is looking for a full stack developer to lead its Tech

by Sagar Shah - 09/04/2023

Chess in India and the world is growing and ChessBase India is one of the organizations at the forefront of this chess revolution. We want to ensure that the sport reaches more people and without the use of technology it is impossible to do so in the present age. We have a new job opening in our company of the role of Tech Head of ChessBase India. We want work with a person who has a passion for chess and tech and is keen to make a difference to the chess ecosystem. In terms of work environment ChessBase India is driven by the passion and vision of its team members. Read the article below to know more and if you are a full stack developer and keen on working with us full-time, please fill in the form below.

ChessBase India is a bunch of passionate people who are working hard to power chess in India and the world. We are currently in need of a Tech Lead for our company. Before we go into the intricacies which are mentioned below, I would like to give my opinion on how I view this role. If you are someone who is interested in tech and chess, this is your chance to help make a difference. We are trying to work on projects that are ambitious and the ChessBase India community is always looking forward to give their feedback on the work that is done. So it is something where all the things you do will have a realtime implication on quite a huge scale. Our actions are driven by the goal of making the chess ecosystem better and the tech we will develop will also revolve around that. I hope that you will align with our vision of making chess the most popular sport in the country and also have the technical expertise to create products that will be a pleasure for the chess community to use and grow. 

Chess is one of the fastest growing sports out there and it is a good time to be a part of this chess revolution

Job Title: Full Stack Developer


Can be in Mumbai as well as Remote

Company Overview:

ChessBase India is the largest chess platform in the country and one of the most popular mediums in the world of chess with over a million YouTube subscribers and over two million followers across all the social media platforms. We are looking for a skilled Full Stack Developer to join our team and work on all ChessBase India products, including building the ChessRanga platform that we are very passionate about.


Job Description:

As a Full Stack Developer at ChessBase India, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining all our online products. You will work closely with our founders and be the sole developer on the team, so it's essential to have excellent communication skills with the ability to wear multiple hats. We also hope to slowly build a team around you as time goes by.



1. Developing and maintaining our website

2. Building the ChessRanga platform for chess learning 

3. Collaborating with the founders and our team to design and implement new features

4. Ensuring the quality and performance of our products

5. Troubleshooting and fixing issues with the products



1. Bachelor's degree or strong side-project experience

2. Strong knowledge of front-end and back-end web development technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and SQL databases

3. Experience with building web applications

4. Knowledge of AWS or similar cloud platforms

5. A team player

6. Most importantly, a passion for chess and making chess reach more people.


If you are a passionate Full Stack Developer looking to make a difference in the world of chess, apply here 

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