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Chennai 2018 Round 7: Can an Indian win the Chennai International 2018?

by Sagar Shah - 23/01/2018

The Chennai International 2018 had three leaders at the start of the seventh round. By the time it ended the number of leaders had increased to four. Deepan and Tukhaev drew their game in the Petroff. Ivan Rozum managed to beat Karthik Venkatraman, while Laxman got the better of Ravi Hegde. Indian young talents Arjun Erigaisi and Pranav Venkatesh did not let their opponents Tiviakov and Atalik go away with the full point. As we approach the last three rounds of the tournament, we are in for a treat as just about anyone can win this event! Bhopal was won by Nguyen Hoa, Mumbai by Maghsoodloo and Delhi by Naiditsch. Can an Indian win the Chennai International? 

Ivan Rozum is a strong Russian grandmaster, but has struggled quite a bit at the three Indian events. With a rating of 2595 it seemed as if he should have finished in the top three in at least one of the three tournaments (Bhopal, Mumbai and Delhi) that he had played. It was not to be. But it seems like Rozum has found his form towards the end of the trip and with a nice win over Karthik Venkatraman has joined the leaders Deepan and Tukhaev on 6.0/7.

This is his best chance to win an Indian grandmaster open - GM Ivan Rozum

Adam Tukhaev's opening choice was very solid and Deepan couldn't get even an inkling of an advantage

Deepan and Tukhaev had faced each other a few days ago on the top board at the Eka by IIFLIM Mumbai International 2017-18. Tukhaev was in control and Deepan fought tenaciously to not only hold but to win the game. This time Deepan was more careful as he opened the game with 1.e4 instead of 1.d4 and Adam too played it safe with the Petroff. The opening was a huge success for the Ukrainian player as Deepan got absolutely nothing out of the opening. But one gets the feeling that Tukhaev didn't take his chances. He left Deepan off the hook quite easily and the Indian GM managed to take home half a point.

GM R.R. Laxman is in the joint lead with 6.0/7 after he beat the veteran IM Ravi Hegde

Ravi Hegde has shown very good form in this tournament by beat GM Dzhumaev Marat and draw against GM Vitaly Sivuk. However, against Laxman he hardly had any chances as the Indian GM got a strong position out of the opening and the game ended pretty quickly thanks to a tactical blunder.

Laxman really liked his endgame against Sankarsha Shelke whom he beat in the third round. In this video he shows us this complex endgame.

In some of the talents versus experienced grandmaster duels, the Indian youngsters did very well to hold their much-fancied opponents. Arjun Erigaisi drew with Tiviakov and Pranav Venkatesh didn't let Suat Atalik continue his five-game winning streak.

David's gift to ChessBase India for completing two years of existence! It was really great having one of world's best chess photographers visit India and capture the different moods of our players

A final goodbye to the Llada family!
Interview with WIM Raghavi, who is not only rated 2290 but is also an MBBS doctor and studying to become a Master in ENT.

We also met the Tigress of Madras Aruna Anand and did an hour-long interview with her. Expect that on the news page soon.

Results of round 7:

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
114GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.2475½ - ½GMTukhaev Adam25705
22GMRozum Ivan259551 - 0FMKarthik Venkataraman247613
33GMTiviakov Sergei25845½ - ½5FMErigaisi Arjun238625
48GMAtalik Suat25385½ - ½5Pranav V227538
526IMSidhant Mohapatra23825½ - ½5GMPruijssers Roeland25369
634Muthaiah Al22915½ - ½5IMVisakh N R245717
719GMLaxman R.R.243451 - 05IMHegde Ravi Gopal210569
831GMRoy Chowdhury Saptarshi2318½ - ½GMSolodovnichenko Yuri25714
96GMSivuk Vitaly25501 - 0IMPraveen Kumar C224140
1010IMKarthikeyan P.24971 - 0FMMaheswaran P.224041
1118GMDzhumaev Marat24341 - 0Ajay Karthikeyan222443
1220IMNitin S.24221 - 0Ram S. Krishnan222344
1345Harikrishnan.A.Ra22220 - 1IMLlaneza Vega Marcos242121
1422Arjun Kalyan2407½ - ½Tiwari Arjun217952
1527IMRathnakaran K.2372½ - ½Harshavardhan G B210768
1630Saravana Krishnan P.23231 - 0Barath Kalyan M202288
1784CMRajarishi Karthi20500 - 14GMGareyev Timur26051
1863CMRohith Krishna S213940 - 14GMTran Tuan Minh25487
1912GMHorvath Adam248441 - 04Thanki Hemal Karsanji210173
2066WFMDivya Deshmukh211840 - 14IMKhusenkhojaev Muhammad246215


Rank after Round 7:

Rk.SNo NamesexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
15GMTukhaev AdamUKR2570UKR6,00,031,034,528,505,0
214GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.IND2475ICF6,00,029,532,026,255,0
319GMLaxman R.R.IND2434ICF6,00,029,032,026,255,0
42GMRozum IvanRUS2595RUS6,00,026,528,524,755,0
513FMKarthik VenkataramanIND2476AP5,50,031,535,526,505,0
63GMTiviakov SergeiNED2584NED5,50,031,035,026,754,0
79GMPruijssers RoelandNED2536NED5,50,030,534,026,004,0
817IMVisakh N RIND2457TN5,50,028,531,023,004,0
96GMSivuk VitalyUKR2550UKR5,50,028,031,523,255,0
1038Pranav VIND2275TN5,50,027,531,022,755,0
1130Saravana Krishnan P.IND2323TN5,50,027,530,522,255,0
1221IMLlaneza Vega MarcosESP2421ESP5,50,027,530,022,005,0
1325FMErigaisi ArjunIND2386TEL5,50,027,030,023,254,0
1426IMSidhant MohapatraIND2382ODI5,50,026,529,522,255,0
1534Muthaiah AlIND2291TN5,50,026,529,520,755,0
1610IMKarthikeyan P.IND2497ICF5,50,026,029,022,754,0
1718GMDzhumaev MaratUZB2434UZB5,50,025,529,522,755,0
1820IMNitin S.IND2422TN5,50,025,528,021,754,0
198GMAtalik SuatTUR2538TUR5,50,024,527,021,255,0
2069IMHegde Ravi GopalIND2105KAR5,00,031,034,022,754,0


Pairings of round 8:

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
GMTukhaev Adam257066GMRozum Ivan2595
GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.247566GMLaxman R.R.2434
GMDzhumaev Marat2434GMTiviakov Sergei2584
IMNitin S.2422GMSivuk Vitaly2550
IMLlaneza Vega Marcos2421GMAtalik Suat2538
GMPruijssers Roeland2536Muthaiah Al2291
FMErigaisi Arjun2386IMKarthikeyan P.2497
FMKarthik Venkataraman2476IMSidhant Mohapatra2382
IMVisakh N R2457Saravana Krishnan P.2323
GMTran Tuan Minh25485Pranav V2275
GMGareyev Timur260555Singh S. Vikramjit2227
GMSolodovnichenko Yuri257155Mithil Ajgaonkar2219
Tiwari Arjun217955GMHorvath Adam2484
IMKhusenkhojaev Muhammad246255Harshavardhan G B2107
Sahil Tickoo216155GMCzebe Attila2458
CMKushagra Mohan215055Arjun Kalyan2407
IMRaghunandan Kaumandur Srihari240255Kumar S.1852
Dixit Nikhil213955IMRathnakaran K.2372
WFMLakshmi C183655GMRoy Chowdhury Saptarshi2318
IMHegde Ravi Gopal210555FMGajwa Ankit2284

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