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Asian Amateur 2017 awaits you in Chiang Mai, Thailand

by Sagar Shah - 20/10/2017

Chiang Mai is one of the most scenic destinations in Thailand. In fact many Indian couples after marriage visit Chiang Mai for their honeymoon! This time the Asian Amateur 2017 will be held there from the 23rd to 30th of November 2017. You are eligible to participate if your Elo is below 2100 and you have played at the National Amateur 2016. ChessBase India Power has an exclusive tie-up with the Asian Amateur 2017, which means your headache about entry fee, registration, accommodation and travel will be all handled by us! More details in the article. 

Your chance to become the Asian Amateur champion!

Thailand Chess Association(TCA) in cooperation with Bangapi Chess Club on behalf of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF) invite chess players from all Asian countries which are members of FIDE to participate in the Asian Amateur Chess Championships held from 23rd to 30th November 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Who can participate?

1.1 The Asian Amateur Championships 2017 is open to all Asian amateur players who should not have a FIDE rating above 2100 at the start of the tournament.

1.2 Players should not have a FIDE title higher than FIDE Master(i.e. WIM, WGM, IM and GM).

1.3 All participants must have a FIDE ID to participate in this tournament.

1.4 As per Indian regulations only players who have participated in National Amateur 2016 can participate. If you find your name in the link given below, and if the above points are met, you are eligible to play.

National Amateur 2016 players' list

The venue is at Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel


About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai Province was a former capital of the Kingdom of Lan Na (1296-1768). It is 700 K.M.(435 Miles) north of Bangkok and is situated amongst the highest mountains in the country. The city sits astride the Ping RIVER. Chiang Mai population is around one million people. November temperature average is 24 C (75.2 F). Here are some beautiful pictures of the city:

The setting sun!

Can it get greener than this!

The golden Pagoda at Doi Suthep

Time to enter the wild!

Exclusive tie-up of Asian Amateur 2017 and ChessBase India Power:

In order to make your task easier with regards to participation in the tournament all the collection of the entry fee, registration fee, accommodation and travel for this event will be handled by ChessBase India Power. 

What are the costs incurred to you if you are a participant?

1. Entry fee of USD 30 = Rs. 2010

2. Registration fee of USD 50 = Rs. 3350

3. Accommodation fee of USD 50 per night for seven nights in double room (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) = USD 350 = Rs. 23450.

4. Flight cost from your place to Chiang Mai and return - differs from where you live in India.


Therefore, for an Indian player travelling to Asian Amateur would spend Rs.28810 + flight cost.

For an accompanying person it would be Rs. 2010 less because he/she doesn't have to pay the entry fee. 

How to make payment:

You have to write a mail to ChessBase India at with your name, FIDE ID and the city where you would be travelling from. We will send you the payment link as well as the form to fill up and confirm your entry once the payment is made.

And guess what! As it is Diwali time, you also get a gift card of Rs.501 from ChessBase India Power! 

Hurry up and send us your mail at so that there is no delay in your registration.

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