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How Ananya Gupta is helping the underprivileged in these difficult times of Corona virus pandemic

by Avathanshu Bhat - 12/05/2020

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruptions and dislocations globally. The situation is, particularly, grim in India, where an emergency lockdown has brought life to a screeching halt for many, especially the migrants, daily wage earners and the poor. While the lockdown brings safety, it also brings hunger! Maharashtra is among the worst hit states by the pandemic, and Mumbai city alone houses several vulnerable families and individuals. International chess player Ananya Gupta, Elo 1967, is working towards the cause of providing food to the needy. All the money she raises will be donated to Mumbai Food Project to #LockdownHunger. Find out more about the initiative, and help her reach her goal of raising Rs.5,00,000.

15-year-old Ananya Rishi Gupta (Elo: 1967)

Ananya Gupta is a student of Singapore International School and an international Chess player. Over the last one year, she has been actively focusing in main stream academics, has slowed her chess participation in tournaments and has been consistently working towards gearing up for grade 10 studies and ahead. Chess although important in her life, will continue in sync with her education. Ananya plans to pursue psychology and Economic studies for her future and will be working towards the same.


But chess remains a powerful tool in Ananya's life. She is using it to bring about a change in the society. She has extended her services in teaching beginner chess to the children in Welfare Society For Destitute Children Orphanage Bandra. She delivers two hours twice a week in this institute and is consistently working with the NGO head Mr. Hitanshu who takes care of the extracurricular activities.


Being always involved in social service, 15-year-old Ananya was quite heartbroken to see the situation arising in the country, especially in her hometown Mumbai. But unlike many others who feel bad and do nothing about it, Ananya has galvanized her energy and resources to help the distressed families of the Daily Wage workers.

That's Ananya for you - always ready to help

Ananya's statement:

"The world is facing an unprecedented challenge everywhere affected by the growing Covid-19 pandemic. I, Ananya Gupta, a grade 10 student of Singapore International School wish to extend complete support towards this current situation and raise funds for the families in need of food, medical aid and other essentials for their better survival. Your donation will be greatly appreciated towards this noble cause. Let us all join hands and stay united together."

Ananya is working with "The Mumbai Food project" to raise funds and her target amount is Rs. 5,00,000. Ananya has so far collected 1,33,000 and has received strong support from the entire Chess community in this noble cause. GM Pravin Thipsay, GM RB Ramesh, IM Anup Deshmukh, GM Karthikeyan Murali, FM Akash Thakur and many chess parents have come forth to support Ananya. 


The Mumbai Food project was launched in collaboration with Pratham Mumbai Education initiative. As of April 27 2020, 10 lakh meals were prepared and sent out in the form of ration kits to the underprivileged and needy.

Ananya wishes to extend complete support towards the current situation and raise funds for the families in need of food, medical aid and other essentials for their better survival. In parallel, Ananya has also raised some funds for the Aims Foundation NGO in support to Covid-19.

Indian legend Vishy Anand has supported Ananya's initiative and has sent her words of encouragement, "Ananya, Helping the needy is something we should all do and I just wanted to wish you success.-Vishy Anand"

India no.5 Adhiban Baskaran published a message on social media saying, "Proud of my sister's initiative! Please show your support by sharing,caring and donating!"

Ananya's parents Hemangi and Rishi Gupta have worked hard to provide chess infrastructure to the youngsters of Maharashtra and India. You can read more about them here.

Support Ananya in her mission to reach Rs.5,00,000

You can support the Mumbai Food Project directly from here