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Amphan Cyclone Fundraiser Blitz, Simul and Live Stream raises ₹58193

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/07/2020

On 20th and 21st June 2020 few senior titled players of West Bengal played Blitz and Simultaneous Exhibition matches, exactly a month after Amphan Cyclone devastated majority of West Bengal to raise funds for the noble cause. Players from Indian, Chile, Germany and USA took part in the event and few other players from various countries across the world contributed to the relief fund through CRY - Child Rights and You. ChessBase India always try to bring the entire chess community together and make sure that our valuable time, effort and money is contributed to those who are in need the most. We thank all the players and donors who contributed and made this event a big success.

Chess community all over the world come together for a noble cause

Once again chess community from all over the world came together to contribute for a noble cause as few West Bengal GMs and IMs along with players all over the world including India contributed their valuable time, effort as well as their hard earned money to make sure the troubled and distressed people of West Bengal, those who were affected by the century's most devastating Cyclone Amphan get some relief through CRY - Child Rights and You.

The GMs and IMs of West Bengal who gave their all for the noble cause

P Saravana Krishnan wins Amphan Cyclone Fundraiser Blitz Open on 20th June

Former National Under-17 champion, Tamil Nadu State Rapid champion and countless other open tournaments winner IM P Saravana Krishnan an unbeaten 8.0/9 to win the event. GM Diptayan Ghosh also scored the same, but he was placed second according to the tie-break score. Untitled Souhardo Basak delivered an impressive performance as he scored 7.0/9 and picked up victories over IM Somak Palit, IM Neeraj Kumar Mishra and GM Deep Sengupta.


Mbachez90's (IM P Saravana Krishnan) best win was against Mandrake (GM Neelotpal Das) in Round 7

Saravana Krishnan played fantastic | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Total 63 players from all over India, Chile, Germany and USA took part in this event.

Final Standings

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35 players played Simul against 11 Simul Masters

On Sunday 21st June, starting from 10:30 a.m. IST, eleven Simul Masters played simultaneous exhibition matches with a time control of 10 mins + 5 seconds against three players each. GM Deep Sengupta, GM Diptayan Ghosh and IM Somak Palit took on all four players each to balance the numbers. That's not all, after the games, each Simul Master explained the games through detailed analysis. IM Sayantan Das analyzed for over an hour with his opponents.

Arghyadip analyzes his games against his opponents

Simul scores: IM Bitan Banerjee 3-0, GM Neelotpal Das 2.5-0.5, GM Deep Sengupta 4-0, IM Suvrajit Saha 3-0, IM Arghyadip Das 2-1, IM Somak Palit 3-1, GM Diptayan Ghosh 4-0, GM Saptarshi RoyChowdhury 3-0, IM Sayantan Das 3.5-0.5 and IM Neeraj Kumar Mishra 2-1

IM Bitan Banerjee 3-0

GM Neelotpal Das 2.5-0.5

GM Deep Sengupta 4-0

IM Arghyadip Das 2-1

IM Somak Palit 3-1

GM Diptayan Ghosh 4-0

GM Saptarshi RoyChowdhury 3-0

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Donor's list Name Amount
1 Carsten Michel €100
2 Diptayan Ghosh 4000
3 IM Sayantan Das 4000
4 Mitali Patil 3000
5 Nisha Mohota 2100
6 IM Arghyadip Das 2000
7 IM Somak Palit 2000
8 IM Suvrajit Saha 2000
9 GM Deep Sengupta 1000
10 CM Dev Shah 1000
11 Chaitanya 1000
12 Souhardo Basak 1000
13 Sougata Bose €12
14 Anand Wataney 800
15 Kunal Batra 700
16 Alan Diviya Raj 650
17 Abhijith Pran 501
18 IM P Saravana Krishnan 500
19 WFM Meghna C H 500
20 Aditri Shome 500
21 Ajay Karthikeyan 500
22 Anuj Gandhi 500
23 Arjun Ravikumar 500
24 Ashwin 500
25 Atmaj C H 500
26 Bhavesh Vyas 500
27 Debarshi Mukherjee 500
28 Dhruv Haldankar 500
29 Ganapathi R Mysore 500
30 Harshini Anand 500
31 Hrishikesh Kumar Banik 500
32 Mayur Gondhalekar 500
33 Mohit Jain 500
34 Padmaesh M K 500
35 Pathik 500
36 Pratik Das 500
37 Proud Indian 500
38 Rahul Arora 500
39 Rudrashish Chakraborty 500
40 Samriddhaa Ghosh 500
41 Santosh Kumar Mishra 500
42 Shikhar Karn 500
43 Shivansh Bhatt 500
44 Shubham Sahasrabudhe 500
45 Srijak Sengupta 500
46 Subhash Jog 500
47 Subramanian Gopalakrishnsn 500
48 Sudhir Tharayil 500
49 Uddalak Chattopadhyay 500
50 Vaishnav S 500
51 Viraj Gogte 500
52 Rodolfo Martín Krug €5
53 Aparajita Mukherjee 300
54 Sahil Siddiqui 300
55 Sathvik Adiga 250
56 Parthiv Kava CAD 5
57 GM R R Laxman 200
58 FM CJ Arvind 200
59 Arkadeb Mukherjee 200
60 Jatinder singh 200
61 Omkar 200
62 Ratan Barnawal So Sh 200
63 Sumit Kumar 200
64 Sumit Roy 200
65 Srividya Arun US$ 3
66 Pawan Kumar Singh 151
67 Abhishek 150
68 Aditya Samant 150
69 Ambarish Sharma 150
70 Anand Sivasankar 150
71 Ananda Roy Chowdhury 150
72 Arunava Bhattacharjee 150
73 Debarpan Saha 150
74 Devraj 150
75 Jayaram Vijayakumar 150
76 Manjit Singh Yadav 150
77 Mr. Ankit Kumar Bhatt 100
78 Prithhviraaj Chattopadhyay 100
79 Priyam Dutta 150
80 Robbin Bhagwan 150
81 Rupesh Reddy 150
82 Sanmitro Patra 150
83 WFM Savitha Shri B 150
84 Shashank Karanam 150
85 Shiv Shome 150
86 Shriyana S Mallya 150
87 Surucha Shanbhag 150
88 Suvojit Paul 150
89 Swayham P Das 150
90 Tharanivelan.S 150
91 Utsab Chatterjee 150
92 Vedant Kumar Saravana 150
93 Yogesh 150
94 Dhrubajyoti Chowdhury 20
95 Anonymus 10


Payment Certificate by CRY

Total ₹58193 was raised for the Amphan Cyclone victims

Feedback of the participants

It was a great experience playing an online simul vs Masters. I was slotted against IM Sayantan Das. It was my first Reti opening game. The game had quite a few mistakes from my side, but we did reach a study like position that I could have drawn, had I not made a blunder on my final move allowing his Queen to fork my King and Queen, giving him a winning King and Pawn position. IM Sayantan Das was very soft spoken during the following analysis session, which really shows the down-to-earth nature of chess players. He spent quite a lot of time in analyzing the 4 games, which was very instructive in itself. Loved the simul, and would like more such events to be organized. Please do make sure that the IM or GM has slightly more time on the clock so that people dont play on expecting to win on time induced miscalculations. The blitz was fun, and as most other blitz events organized by Chessbase India, quite strong. Happy that I fared better in this one. Incidentally, my first game was against IM Sayantan Das!!!

- Mayur Gondhalekhar, currently residing in Japan


We enjoyed Playing Simul with Top Players. Further time was 10+5 . Which was very convenient. Further , As per our earlier mail, Pl. do needful to arrange more such simul, even paid simuls, with Anand sir, Vidit sir, Adhiban sir and others.. Overall, It was a nice experience and looking forward to more such simuls.

- Ronak Bhatt, father of Shivansh Bhatt


It was indeed a pleasure to play against IM Bitan Banerjee. Unfortunately i lost, no surprise here! Post our game, Bitan analysed the game for me and showed me some imp motifs which was quite helpful and we also chatted a lot apart form chess like his Phd in Wireless communications and our love for travel and photography. Thanks to Chessbase India, Bitan and i got along pretty well and i can say we are friends now! Thats how chess brings people together.

- Pathik Desai


The time you conducted this event is present time, which is marked by both covid and difficult time, that itself characterizes this organizing activity as very credible. The cause made it superlative noble. We enjoyed a lot.

- Sandipan Sengupta, father of Srijak Sengupta



CRY - Child Relief and You

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