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Ambarish Sharma wins 1st BDCA-DSA Open Rating 2019

by Dr. Himadri Roy - 08/11/2019

Ambarish Sharma scored an unbeaten 7.0/9 to win his maiden open rating tournament by becoming a champion in 1st BDCA-DSA Open 2019 at Durgapur, West Bengal. Suvankar Maity and Abhirup Das also finished at the same score, however they were placed second and third according to their tie-break score and Ambarish clinched the championship. Total 222 players participated from various states across the country as well as from the neighboring country Bangladesh. Total ₹150000 prize fund was distributed among the prize winners. Tournament Director Dr. Himadri Roy sends us a detailed report with games and many photos from the event. Photo: Antarip Roy

Ambarish wins his maiden Open rating tournament

Seventh seeded Ambarish Sharma scored an unbeaten 7.0/9 to win 1st BDCA-DSA Open FIDE Rated tournament. Two other players Suvankar Maity and 15-year-old Abhirup Das also finished at the same score and they also remained undefeated. However Ambarish edged ahead due to a better tie-break score, Suvankar and Abhirup were placed second and third respectively.

The winner Ambarish Sharma receiving a cash prize of ₹25000 and a glittering trophy from Mr. Pritish Bharat and Mr. Moloy Mazumdar | Photo: Antarip Roy

Ambarish remained undefeated and gained 14 Elo rating points

Speaking with ChessBase India, this is what Ambarish had to say about winning his first open tournament, "Winning the tournament was something really special to me. I had a belief before the start of the event that it could be achieved and accomplishing the belief was nice. This was even a bit more special‚ because it was my first Open Rating tournament championship‚ though I have been close many a times‚ but never finally had it. Apart from winning the event‚ I was satisfied with my overall performance‚ I would not rate it good‚ but it was fine. The last day surely could have gone way better as per the quality of the game. Overall I enjoyed the event‚ the company I had and the memories I created."


Here is a game annotated by the champion himself again Ankit Kumar Singh from round 5

Runner-up Suvankar Maity receiving a cash prize of ₹20000 and a glittering trophy from Mr. Pritish Bharat | Photo: Himadri Roy

Second Runner-up Abhirup Das, the local lad and crowd favourite was richer by ₹15000 and a recipient of a glittering trophy | Photo: Himadri Roy

Abhirup remained undefeated throughout the tournament. He faced both eventual champion Ambarish and runner-up Suvankar and drew with both of them. Here is Abhirup's biggest win of the tournament against the top seed of the tournament Sarbojit Paul.

The tournament hall | Photo: Himadri Roy

Old War Horse Pritam Singh (Right) stood fifth | Photo: Himadri Roy

Parents enjoying live matches | Photo: Himadri Roy

The tournament was organized by BDCA and DSA at DSMS College, Durgapur, West Bengal from 31st October to 3rd November 2019. Total 222 players from various states across the country and players from neighboring country Bangladesh also participated in this event. Total prize fund ₹150000 was distributed among the prize winners.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
17Ambarish SharmaIND18877,00,042,046,5
211Suvankar MaityIND18147,00,040,544,5
319Abhirup DasU15IND16487,00,039,543,5
415Pratyay ChowdhuryU15IND17136,50,040,542,0
53Singh PritamIND19746,50,040,043,5
613Samar ChatterjeeIND17706,50,038,041,0
720Ankit Kumar SinghIND16386,50,037,040,5
89Soham DeyU15IND18656,50,035,540,0
927Eshan BhattacharjeeU11IND15716,50,034,538,0
102Nath RupankarIND20506,00,038,542,0
111Sarbojit PaulIND20746,00,038,042,0
1223Akash TiwariIND16126,00,038,040,5
1345Mayukh ChatterjeeU15IND13856,00,036,539,0
1441Uddipan RoyU11IND14076,00,034,037,5
1521Shuvam RoyIND16336,00,033,537,5
1635Raja BoseIND14546,00,033,537,0
1738Chouhan N.C.IND14246,00,033,035,5
1824Tushar BaruaIND15936,00,032,534,5
1985Rishan DebnathU09IND12245,50,040,043,5
2012Mukherjee DyutimoyS60IND17765,50,038,542,0

Complete standings

About the Author

The author Dr. Himadri Roy is working as a Senior Scientist in CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI). He is also a chess enthusiast and a voracious Chess Books reader. He is also an avid fan of Chessbase India and keenly follows the ongoing developments in Chess.


The article was edited by Shahid Ahmed