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Aditya Vikram Paul wins IM Mix Put Svile 6

by Shahid Ahmed - 24/08/2021

14-year-old Aditya Vikram Paul won IM Mix Put Svile 6 with an unbeaten score of 6.5/9 rounds. He defeated a GM and IM, drew with two GMs. The former West Bengal State under-13 champion gained 425 Elo rating points in four tournaments in less than a month, taking his live rating to 2389. This was his debut tour at the European chess circuit. His rating gains in each of the four tournament is 115.6, 59.6, 135.2 and 114.4 respectively. He missed an opportunity to score a norm by a whisker at Round Robin Put Svile 5 IM because he was only concerned about playing a good game and not worried about making a norm.

Aditya gains a massive 425 rating in a month

Aditya scored 6.0/10 in Hotel Putnik 1 Blitz, third in Subotnji Blitz scoring 8.0/11, third in XI Open International Championship of Vojvodina 2021 Blitz turnir 2 6.0/8, sixth in XI Open International Championship of Vojvodina 2021 Blitz turnir 3 5.5/8, eighth in Hotel Putnik 2 Blitz 5.5/9. In a total of five blitz tournaments, he gained 11.6, 122, 67, 107.2 and 75.6 which makes a huge gain of 383.4 of blitz rating. The boy played 80 rated games including 34 classical and 46 blitz games in 27 days. One thing is for sure, the boy has a lot of stamina and when the opportunity is presented, he knows how to seize it.

Champion - Aditya Bikram Paul 6.5/9

Aditya performed at 2325 and gained 114 Elo rating points

Aditya beat IM Laketic Gojko (SRB) in the third round of IM Mix Put Svile 6 after making two draws with two GMs.

Aditya - Gojko, Round 3

Position after 21.Qh1

21.Qh1 shows White's resourcefulness, and he does not shy away from doing what needs to be done.

In the fifth round, Aditya beat Sharan Rao in a tactical skirmish.

Sharan - Aditya, Round 5

Position after 20.Qa1

20.b4 would have given White a better fighting chance. 20...f6 21.Re1 e4 22.Bxc6 Bxb2 23.Qxb2 Bxc6 and things turned into Black's favor.

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Final Standings

Rk.SNo NamesexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 nwweKrtg+/-
Aditya Bikram PaulIND20806,545,041,029,0096,53,6440114,4
GMRistic NenadSRB23426,045,541,528,75966,5210-5,2
Aniruddh ChatterjeeIND19575,545,542,026,0095,51,8540146,0
Sharan RaoIND20515,544,541,025,0095,52,922051,6
FMZhukov AntonRUS22485,044,041,520,00955,9920-19,8
GMAbramovic BoskoSRB22985,043,541,519,25956,1910-11,9
GMDjuric StefanSRB23215,042,040,022,25956,4510-14,5
WFMDhyana PatelwIND19904,542,040,017,7594,52,204092,0
Sankalan ShahIND19164,538,036,014,7594,52,034098,8
IMVelickovic SasaSRB22584,536,034,016,5083,55,6610-21,6