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Raja Rithvik decimates 9th Chessable Sunway Sitges Blitz 18/12, Adhiban third

by Shahid Ahmed - 20/12/2022

India's 70th GM Raja Rithvik R completely dominated the field at 9th Chessable Sunway Sitges Blitz 18/12. He scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 and finished a staggering 1.5 points ahead of the field. He performed at 2746 and gained a massive 77.2 Elo rating points. Four players - GM Jorden van Foreest (NED), GM B Adhiban, GM Lance Henderson De La Fuente (AND) and GM Gawain Jones (ENG) scored 7/9 each. They were placed second to fifth according to tie-breaks. The top three prizes were €350, €250 and €150 along with three months Chessable Pro Membership. GM Arjun Kalyan and GM Aravindh Chithambaram are the only two other Indians to make a top ten finish at sixth and seventh place scoring 6.5/9 each. Photo: Chessable

Rithvik's first tournament triumph of the year

On Sunday 18th December 2022, hours before the spectacular FIFA World Cup 2022 Finals kicked off, GM Raja Rithvik R won his first tournament of the year - 9th Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival - Blitz 18/12. Despite starting as the 20th seed, he score 8.5/9, remained undefeated, performed at 2746 and gained 77.2 Elo rating points in the process. His wins include against GM B Adhiban, GM Frederik Svane (GER) and GM Aravindh Chithambaram in the final round.

Champion - GM Raja Rithvik R 8.5/9 | Photo: Chessable

Runner-up - GM Jorden van Foreest (NED) 7/9 | Photo: Chessable

Second Runner-up - GM B Adhiban 7/9 | Photo: Chessable

GM Raja Rithvik R scored an unbeaten 8.5/9, gained 77.2 Elo rating points and finished a massive 1.5 points ahead of the field

GM Raja Rithvik R defeated the reigning National Blitz champion, GM Aravindh Chithambaram in the final round

A total of 117 players including 10 GMs, 14 IMs, 3 WGMs and 3 IMs took part from 33 countries all over the world. The one-day nine-round Swiss league Blitz Rating tournament was organized by Club d'Escacs Sunway Sitges and Penya d'Escacs Casino Prado Suburense at Hotel Sunway Playa Gold and Spa in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain on 18th November 2022. The time control of the tournament was 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment from move no.1.

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
120GMRaja Rithvik RIND23308,54850,547,25
21GMVan Foreest JordenNED2663748,552,540,00
33GMAdhiban B.IND26137485237,75
412GMHenderson De La Fuente LanceAND24057465036,25
52GMJones Gawain C BENG2657744,54835,50
610GMArjun KalyanIND24266,55458,540,50
74GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr.IND25866,549,55435,50
829IMReprintsev AlexanderUKR22306,549,55335,75
96GMSvane FrederikGER24666,547,551,533,75
105GMCheng BobbyAUS24766,54751,535,00



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