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58-year-old International Arbiter Jayant Kumar Bhuyan walks 50 km to spread Covid awareness

by Shahid Ahmed - 23/08/2021

Chess players, enthusiasts spread awareness of the game, sport and some important messages to the society in a variety of ways. 58-year-old International Arbiter and National Instructor Jayant Kumar Bhuyan always takes it upon himself to spread some positive message. This time he decided to walk for 50 km in the neighboring villages of Jamshedpur to make people aware of the Covid-19 pandemic. He distributed hundreds of masks on his way to various villages and spread the awareness of this deadly pandemic, a year after his mother passed away after getting infected by this deadly virus. Almost, two years ago Bhuyan had cycled about 68 km to officiate a tournament while spreading the awareness of saving fossil fuel and curb pollution. Bhuyan is truly a warrior we all need.

A walk for a noble cause

Jayant Kumar Bhuyan thanks doctors and all medical personnel of the world

International Arbiter and National Instructor, Jayant Kumar Bhuyan shared, "Last year on 10th August, my mother was admitted in Tata main hospital Jamshedpur for her leg infection. After two days, doctor shifted her in the covid department and told us she is having covid infection. My mother was alright and every time she was telling me come and take me home, with help of mobile to next patient. Last year the situation was totally different. Government locked us in our home and nobody could enter covid hospital, slowly she went on depression and died after 22 days. Doctor said it was due to kidney failure. My mother was a Tata Steel employee and her medical book was totally empty. I have not seen any health related problem. It was the first time I admitted her in a hospital."

FA Chandan Kumar Prasad and Surendra Kumar Jha

The 110-times blood donor, Bhuyan was seen-off by FIDE Arbiter Chandan Kumar Prasad and Jharkhand's highest blood donor (159 times) Surendra Kumar Jha at JRD Tata Sports Complex.

Jayant Bhuyan on his way towards various villages

"Till now I feel mother is calling me. For remembering that day I planned to thank all the medical staff who had given support to my mother. I planned to go to surrounding villages from Jamshedpur and teach the villagers, how to be healthy and how to save themselves from covid." - He added.

Jayant Bhuyan wore a mask himself to spread the awareness of the deadly virus

He distributed hundreds of mask on his way. "I requested government of India, those who have died of corona virus, should be given the title of corona warriors, because we (doctors) have learned many things from them in this pandemic situation." - Bhuyan added further.

Jayant Kumar Bhuyan walked for 50 km and distributed hundreds of masks

In 2019, Bhuyan cycled almost 68 km to officiate a tournament. His intention was to spread awareness to save fossil fuel and curb pollution. He had a placard on his cycle which said, 'Let's make a pollution free world'.

The Telegraph covered both of his noble gestures

Checkmate pollution

Covid awareness walk