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Karthik and Jennitha are national champions!

by Paul Arokia Raj - 09/12/2017

"Know not me for my disabilities but my abilities", these were the wise words of Robert Hensel, Guinness World Record holder for the longest non-stop wheelie in a wheelchair. These words are highly apt for the players at the 2nd physically disabled national championship 2017 which were held in Trichy from the 9th to 12th of November. The winners were Karthik Venkata Krishna and Jennitha Anto. In a wonderful gesture Vishy Anand visited the tournament hall and spent time with the players during the opening ceremony. We have a wonderful report sent to us by the chief arbiter of the event Paul Arokia Raj.

2nd Physically Disabled National Individual Chess Championship 2017, Trichy

By IA S. Paul Arokia Raj, Chief Arbiter


"Know not me for my disabilities but my abilities" – Robert M Hensel

Participants of the 2nd physically disabled national championship

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, on December 16, 1770. Beethoven composed in several musical genres and for a variety of instrument combinations. He wrote seven concerts. Many of the musicians take Beethoven as an inspiration for timeless music and the fact remains that Beethoven was deaf and dumb when he composed his best symphonies 5 and 9.


John Milton was blind when he wrote Paradise regained, Helen Keller was deaf and dumb and blind. Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. She was sent to Japan as America's first Goodwill Ambassador by General Douglas MacArthur. Her visit was a huge success; up to two million Japanese came out to see her and her appearance drew considerable attention to the plight of Japan's blind and disabled population.Wherever she traveled, she brought encouragement to millions of blind people, and many of the efforts to improve conditions for those with vision loss outside the United States can be traced directly to her visits.


The cherry on top of the cake was the former President of America Franklin Roosevelt who was ruling the roost sitting on a wheel chair during the biggest crisis period in the history of the world namely, the second World War. The message we derive from these historic characters is that no physical deformity can prevent any person on this earth from raising high.

Pride of India - Jennitha Anto: Five-time Physically Disabled World Champion

Now about the icons of the present: The 2nd Physically Disabled National Individual Chess Championship, 2017 organized by Chess Federation for Physically Disabled (CFPD) at Pavendar Bharathidasan College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy, provided a nice opportunity for the Physically disabled persons from different states to show their talent and skill over the sixty four squares. The four days event sponsored by Dalmia Cements Bharath Limited and supported by SoftShip Yard and PBDCE was well coordinated by CFPD, spearheaded by its secretary Mr. Kanickai Irdudiya Raj. As many as thirty nine players representing six states were in the fray which included 12 FIDE rated players, one WIM, one FM and one CM . The star attraction of this year’s event was five times IPCA world Women champion and Women International Master K. Jennitha Anto (Tamil Nadu) and Bronze medalist in IPCA Junior Category Samarth J Rao (Karnataka) and the defending national champion FIDE Master Venkata Krishna Karthik (Andhra Pradesh).


The additional glamour for this four days event was inauguration of the championship by Five times World Chess Champion Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand on Thursday, 9th  November. In his motivational speech he was on all praise for the participants. Since the ranking in this event being selection event for the Asian and the World Physically Disabled National Individual Chess Championship and para Asian championship the players fought all the seven rounds with more grit and determination. It was very encouraging to note that all the players though fighting against many odds showed true spirit of a sportsman leading to no protest or no complaint.

At Trichy today. Inaugurating the Chess Championship for People with disabilities. And the Formation of the Chess Association for People with disabilities. Chess as a game is excellent for People who have challenges . It can be played without much alteration. Look forward (1/2)

— Viswanathan Anand (@vishy64theking) November 9, 2017



Some experiences , break your heart. At Trichy I was blown away by the positive spirit amidst fighting all the odds life throws at you. If chess can bring happiness this is it!

— Viswanathan Anand (@vishy64theking) November 9, 2017




In the men’s category FIDE Master Venkata Krishna Karthik K (Andhra Pradesh) retained the Physically Disabled National Individual Men’s title with 6.5 points out of possible seven. The champion carried home a cash prize of Rupees Ten Thousand apart from glittering Champion’s Trophy. The runner up was Kannan V (Tamil Nadu) who became richer by Rupees Seven Thousand and the third place was Candidate Master Samrath J Rao (Karnataka). Five times World Champion WIM Jennitha Anto K emerged first in the Women’s category. She too carried home the Rupees Ten Thousand. Kanishri R P (Tamil Nadu) finished second with 4 points. Manjula Ramu (Tamil Nadu) was third with 2/5 points. Praneeth KSSRA (Telengana) topped the Junior category with 4 points.

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11FMVenkata Krishna Karthik KIND20026,50,033,531,00
32WIMJennitha Anto K.IND20005,00,034,522,75
43CMSamarth J RaoIND16295,00,032,020,50
58Pamarthi Audietya AazadhIND13805,00,031,019,50
65Sathya MoorthyIND15115,00,027,517,75
77Nerlikar ShaileshIND14585,00,027,517,50
825Manikandan RajangamIND05,00,022,012,50
96Gnana Sakthivel AIND15104,50,031,518,50
1010Suresh AgarwalIND13104,50,027,513,25
1130Putta ChittibabuIND04,50,022,512,75
1211Uday Kumar TummaguntaIND12514,00,030,514,50
139Yesu BabukIND13294,00,030,014,00
1421Kanishri R PIND04,00,025,012,00
1532Sadi Ram Swarup ReddyIND04,00,024,512,00
1634Selva Kumar LNIND04,00,024,012,50
1727Praneeth K S S R AIND04,00,023,010,75
1817Burada Siva BabuIND04,00,020,510,00
1920Kalaiselvan AIND03,50,027,09,00
2023Kollipaka Govinda RaoIND03,50,026,510,75
28Prasanna KIND03,50,026,510,75
2239Venkatesan JIND03,00,029,010,00
2312Mohammed Ali MIND10823,00,026,08,50
2422Karandekar Naga RaoIND03,00,024,06,50
2531Ramesh MajjiIND03,00,023,58,50
2613Aadhithyan SIND03,00,023,07,00
2716Boya VenkateswarluIND03,00,022,57,50
2815Bhaskar RIND03,00,021,05,50
2918Harihara Sudhan GIND03,00,020,05,50
3014Arnold Sugadev TIND02,50,022,04,50
3126Manjula RamuIND02,50,021,55,25
3237Valarmathi MIND02,50,018,04,25
3338Venkat RavuriIND02,00,021,52,50
3436Suribabu DIND02,00,020,52,50
3533Sathya MIND02,00,019,52,50
3624Leema Roseline CIND02,00,019,02,50
3719Jeyarani PIND02,00,018,52,75
3829Priya VIND02,00,015,52,25
3935Shanthi RIND01,00,015,52,25

Shri. K.A. Krishna Kumar, Executive Director, Dalmia Cements Bharath Limited and Mrs.Uma Rani, Director, Academica PBDCE were the guests of honours for the valedictory function filled with sea of humanity. 

Such scenes move you!

Remember my dear friends I would like to conclude by adding lines from Robert Frost’s poem which was also the last lines of cha-cha Nehru when he died. “The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.”

About the author:

Paul Arokia Raj is an International Arbiter. He is one of the most reputed arbiters of India. He has officiated many top events and was the chief arbiter at the 2nd Physically Disabled National Individual Chess Championship 2017, Trichy.

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