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13-year-old Advika Singh writes a book on health and wellness

by Shahid Ahmed - 12/05/2021

Chess is the only sport in the history of mankind which has hundreds of thousands books written on it. While most of them are based on theory, psychological and practical aspect of the game, it is safe to say that very few chess players have written books outside of the domain. 13-year-old Advika Singh from Gurugram, Haryana authored a book on health and wellness after interviewing various professionals. The book is out now on Amazon India in Paperback and also available in digital format in Google Books and Notionpress. We have asked a few questions to the author to find out more about her and what made her write her debut book on health and wellness.

Advika Singh debuts as an author

13-year-old Advika Singh writes her first book on health and wellness titled - A Health and Wellness Handbook: 11 Secrets You Should Know to Save a Life. The book is now available in paperback and digital format. She has a FIDE rating of 1395 in both Classical and Blitz format and also participated in National, Commonwealth age group as well as open international events in Spain and Czech Republic.

A Health and Wellness Handbook: 11 Secrets You Should Know to Save a Life by Advika Singh

What made this young kid write a book about health and wellness? We decided to ask Advika a few questions about her debut venture.


Shahid Ahmed (SA): Congratulations on getting your book - A Health and Wellness Handbook: 11 Secrets You Should Know to Save a Life published. What inspired you to write a book on health and fitness when mostly children of your age tend to explore their creativity in the fantasy genre?

Advika Singh (AS): My first love is biology and medicine and also during this lockdown environment health is very important and anyways, many people are unable to consult the doctors right now so to just help them with my own way, I wrote this book on holistic health which contains mostly all the aspects of life at least a common man should know. Also, since my father is a doctor, I know the problems that the health experts face and for knowing what problems the public faces, I interviewed the public through online platforms.

Advika at Commonwealth Under-10 Girls in 2018

SA: Tell us a bit about yourself, which school and grade do you study in.

AS: About myself, I am Advika Singh. I just love reading, looking at and playing rapid chess games, listening to music, travelling, and writing! My favourite subject are the sciences (Chem, Phy, Bio). I study in the 8th grade so I am 13 years old now.

Advika at Gasco Open part of Czech Open 2019

SA: Please tell us what the readers should expect from your book.

AS: My book is about holistic health. We can understand it through a simple cycle method. So to maintain a healthy body, we must have a healthy lifestyle (this contains good food habits, exercise, sleeping patterns, vaccinations, homemade remedies and much much more!). Now if we do not follow a healthy lifestyle, we get health issues (25 most common health issues have been added; each chapter contains the intro, symptoms, causes, complications and prevention of the disease). If we do not pay heed to the health issue, we get medical emergencies like strokes/ACS and even naturally, we do face medical emergencies in our lifetime. So, if we encounter any emergency, my book helps in dealing with it (the procedures, points to keep in mind and so on).


To make the book out of the box and interesting, a section called the "Public and Expert Narratives" has also been added. For writing this section, I first interviewed the public and heard their real-life events/incidents, I interview the health experts (online) and forwarded the queries to the doctors and other experts who then gave their feedbacks and opinions upon the incident which was added as the "Take home message" in the section. The take-home message included the points which were to keep in mind. This gives the reader a feeling of case studies and literary interest.


Later a section called "Words of Medicine" contains the meaning of those alien-like language words which the doctors use in a hospital and are necessary for the patient/patient's relative to know. So, the book has a lot of knowledge and the readers can expect more than a hundred things from the book because other than this, there is much more but if I mention all that then probably you would not read the complete answers too!! Rest all I wish is that the readers gain enough knowledge from the book that they are confident and not panicked in any medical problem and are able to maintain a healthy body! I just want a healthy and educated India!!

Advika is getting ready to battle against Jose Felipe Castellon Baeza

SA: Thank you for taking the answer all these and I wish you good luck with the book and also your future endeavors.

AS: Thank you.

VI Sunway Sitges Open 2019 was Advika's last over-the-board event before the pandemic took over
Book Launch Health and Wellness Handbook by Advika Singh | Video: Advika Singh

Advika's best games


The book is now available in Paperback format: Amazon India, flipkart and Notionpress

Digital format available on Google Books and Notionpress